Sourced, Tested, and Assembled for Precision

PCB Assembly is one of the most critical points in the process of attaining the features and functionalities you seek from your PCB. All the designed features, component innovation, and supply chain efficiencies assimilate at the point of assembly. We have installed systems throughout the process to maintain the integrity of components and test the quality of the PCB in line with your requirements.

Our assembly system runs from placement, soldering, insertion, clearing, and inspection. We have deployed BOM Component Verification for quality control, along with options of Surface-Mount or Through-Hole Technology, to meet your assembly requirements.

Range Of Alternatives

Turnkey Assembly We work around the entire schedule and process of ordering components like active, passive, electrochemical, connectors & cables etc. from a wide range of vendors who meet our excellence-standards. As soon as these components arrive at our facility, they are tested on our parameters, and only the ones that sustain the tests are processed through our assembly system. This ensures:

  • 100% Quality Assurance: Each vendor is verified by our testing process. In addition to this, each component is thoroughly verified before it becomes a part of the assembly process.
  • Zero Delays Caused by Miscommunication: Our precise manufacturing process gives you a cost-effective solution, without making you go through the time-consuming process of verifying and coordinating with multiple vendors.
  • Industry-Standard Outputs: All the PCBs assembled with the process are high-performing and in-line with the industry standards.

Consigned Assembly You can send us the components you have stored or stocked using your own supply-chain capacities. We can run tests necessary to ensure quality control. If you have already run quality testing, we can quickly take it through assembly and delivery.

  • Short Lead Time:We leverage the collaborative powers of your sourcing prowess and our manufacturing excellence to give you a high-quality PCB in a very short period.
  • Internal Quality Control: If you are maintaining a high quality-standard in component sourcing, you can stay assured that the same quality is retained through our manufacturing system.
  • Retained Proprietary Information:This process is also the optimal solution if you have any proprietary components designed, developed, or sourced by your team.

Partially-Consigned Assembly This is an ad hoc arrangement where you can supply a partial list of components necessary for the PCB, and still take advantage of our supply chain efficiencies as we source the rest of the components.

  • Quick Inventory to Invention Model: If you already have some critical components in store and want to go-to-market with your end-product, we can source the other standardized components and optimize the process for you.
  • Comprehensive Quality Observance: This brings the best of both the worlds – you can run your own quality testing on the components you send us, while we ensure high excellence standards for all the components we source.
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The Michael Electronics Promise: Optimized for High-Quality and Quick Deliveries

  • Adaptive Approach Turnkey, Consigned, and Partially-Consigned Sourcing
  • Standardized Systems BGA, QFN, QFP, and 0402 01005 Components-Capable Assembly Plant
  • Technology-Enabled Precision 2.5 D AOI Verification, X-Ray Inspection, and Automatic Wave Soldering Through Hole Components
  • Quick Delivery starting from 3 Working Days


Types of PCB Assembly Surface Mount (SMT), Through-Hole (THT), Mixed Technology (SMT / Through-Hole) Single or double-sided placement
Types of Solder Leaded Lead-free (RoHS Compliant)
Minimum Order No minimum quantity
Component Types Passive Components, as small as 01005, 0201, 0402 Fine Pitch Parts (QFN, QFP) Small Chip Packages, 01005 Max. Size: 56 X 56 X 15 mm
Component Package Reels Cut Tape (must be continuous and 12 inches or longer) Tube & Tray Max Customer Panel Size – 270 mm x 370 mm
Board Dimension Min Board Size: 90mm x 50mm (Boards smaller than this will be panelized) Min. Board Thickness: 0.5 mm Max. Board Thickness: 3.20 mm
Board Shape Rectangular, Circular and other Custom Shapes. (For shapes other than rectangle, we will panelize the boards in an array, and add panel border on at least two of the longer sides.)
Board Type We work only with Rigid Boards.
Inspection + AOI Visual X-ray
Supported File Formats BOM: .xls, .csv, .xlsx Gerber (RS-274X) Centroid (XY, Pick-& -Place)