High Volume PCB Assembly

We has been leading the way for more than 4 decades for high volume PCB assembly. High volume PCBA refers to circuit board assembly projects or requirements in 10,000 pieces or above. As your needs increase and look for something in higher volumes, look nowhere; michael Electronics is your go-to place for reliable large volume PCB assembly services. Irrespective of the assembly volume required, we help you get them on time and boost their performance in the industry.

Industry Best Printed Circuit Board Assembly
  • Superior Quality: From visual inspection to X-ray inspection, we take every measure to maintain the quality of PCB assembly. We follow a rigorous testing process to keep printed circuit board assembly defect-free and fully functional without any issues.
  • Turnkey Assemblies: With over 4 decades of experience in PCB assembly services, we provide fast and reliable turnkey PCB assemblies. We ensure consistent results while dealing with several suppliers by making the entire PCB assembly process smooth and seamless
  • Smart Production: We are quality-focused PCB Manufacturers who continually try to serve customers better. We have the capabilities to assemble components like BGA, PLCC, QFB, QFN, UBGA, and POP specific to clients.
  • Certified Experts: We have highly experienced and tremendously qualified engineers and technicians who are IPC certified. We focus on continual education and training to raise the bar of our PCB assembly services.
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  • Typically projects of 10,000 pieces or more are classified as high volume PCB Assembly service. What this need is a reliable PCB assembler who is equipped to handle these requirements.
  • Absolutely. Our state-of-the-art facilities are fully equipped to handle high volume PCB orders. In addition, we have a team of PCB experts that has a lot of experience in catering to high volume PCB production.
  • You tend to reap a number of advantages including mass production of your products, optimal costs, quick turnaround times and more.
  • Yes, our prices are unmatched when it comes to high volume printed circuit board production.
  • Yes, absolutely. You can count on us to offer mass production of lead-free PCB assemblies.
  • We have robust testing protocols including:
  • Automatic Optimal Inspection
  • Solder Paste Inspection
  • In Circuit Testing
  • Functional Circuit testing
  • X-Ray inspection
  • Yes absolutely. You can count on our turn key services that take the entire hassle off you.
  • Yes. Share your requirements with us at sales@technotronix.us and our PCB experts can deliver to your bespoke needs.
  • Rest assured, we are totally committed to quick lead times and ensure your go-to-market plan is expedited.